What is this?

Hi folks! I’ve been thinking for a while about having a place to write about things I like (and sometimes, things I don’t like). For a while, that place has been Facebook. And Facebook is fine for a lot of things, but it is also limited. For example, I can’t format my text. I can’t. That makes it really difficult to emphasize key points. And while I can add graphics to posts, I can’t use them inline. Sometimes you want a picture in the middle.

It’s also harder to refer back to something I wrote on Facebook later, because it’s mixed in with eight years of posts of news, random thoughts, which movie I was watching that weekend, what band event I wanted my friends to attend, and photos of tasty treats I either made or got in some restaurant. That’s what Facebook is for, right? Just a random stream of whatever interests us in the moment, as an ongoing conversation among friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even strangers.

That’s not really what this is about. Of course discussion is welcome, and of course I’m going to share this stuff out on Facebook. But it’s nice to keep my “real” writings separate from random photos of things I’ve made that I’m a little proud of.

Maybe just this once…

So what is going to be here? I don’t want to limit it to just certain things, so I won’t. But for the moment I’m thinking it will mostly be my opinions of things: movies, games, books, music, places, and maybe the occasional public figure. I may even get a little crazy and tell you what I think about concepts, attitudes, and social issues.

If I like something, I like to tell people about it. Maybe they’ll like it too (or not), and then we can talk about it. I don’t mind when we disagree, because intelligent, civilized debate is fun, and helps us learn from each other. So what do you say?

Are you in?


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